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zenmed hemorrhoids system

What makes the Zenmed Hemorrhoids Treatment System stand out from the others is the fact that it uses an advanced transdermal scientific formulation technique which allows for maximum absorption of all its ingredients. The Zenmed products contain aloe vera that does not only help heal hemorrhoids but also acts as a catalyst for the absorption of the other ingredients in the formula. Other similar hemorrhoid treatment systems do not have this kind of feature.

Indeed, Zenmed customers attest to the fact that the hemorrhoid treatment system works. Most people who used the treatment system noticed a significant reduction in the pain and itchiness brought about by hemorrhoids. These effects were documented in as early as two days after first use. However, significant results started to show after two weeks of continuous usage. There are also no reported side effects regarding these two products, since they are made of natural ingredients.

**Update** This product is not recommended due to poor feedback. For safe, effective treatments, visit our Best Hemorrhoid Treatments section.

Product Details

The Zenmed Hemorrhoids Treatment System is composed of two Zenmed products: the Zenmed Ziro and Zenmed Ensa.
The first one, the Zenmed Ziro, is used to actually treat the hemorrhoids. It has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties coming from the herbal ingredients of the said product. According to the ingredients list, some of the herbs included in the formulation of the product include sage, althea, rosemary, and balm mint.   According to the official website, Zenmed Ziro relieves pain and discomfort due to the inflamed tissue, accelerates repair of damages tissue, and makes bowel movements more comfortable by lubricating the passageways of fecal matter. In addition, it restores normal blood flow to the rectum and the anus.

As a companion to the Zenmed Ziro, Zenmed Ensa aims to prevent the hemorrhoids from worsening. Like the Zenmed Ziro, Zenmed Ensa is also composed of herbal ingredients that help relieve constipation so as to aid the user in having a regular bowel movement. It also softens the stools so that straining and hemorrhoid formation can be avoided.  Zenmed Ensa is more than just a laxative.The two products should be used hand-in-hand so as to achieve maximum results.

The only drawback is that there seems to be no clinical trials supporting the claims of the treatment system. Zenmed also offers a 60-day money back guarantee. In other words, you can test the products first, and if you are not happy with them you can return the treatment system within 60 days and receive a 100% refund of your money.


100% natural
Optimum absorption of its ingredients
Fast Results
No report side effects and drug interactions

Price : $51.90
Money back guarantee : 60 Days

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Actual User Feedback

Feedback are collected from actual, independant users.

I have been fighting [hemorrhoids] off and on for years now. I did find relief in a product called zenmed. I used a cream and a product to make my bowel movements regular and stop constipation.
Actual user feedback from Topix.com forums

 I am glad to receive Zenmed Ziro as gift, it has worked great and I will order again from them.
Actual user feedback from RevolutionHealth.com

After reading all the reviews I was disappointed. For the cost it is a ripoff.
Actual user feedback from Amazon.com


I have tried ZenMed Ziro cream, too, which seams to help with the itching for a while, but doesn't seam to do much to make the hems go away.
Actual user feedback from Femalefirst.co.uk Boards

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