How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last - Cut It Short through Early Intervention

If you are like most people who are suffering from hemorrhoids, the first thing you are likely to ask is: how long do hemorrhoids last?, followed by despairing questions about how long you have to bear the discomfort, pain, swelling and bleeding of your rectal and anal area.


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When these swollen blood vessels in your anus appear, they are likely the cause of excess pressure brought to bear on the rectum from conditions ranging from pregnancy to obesity, from passing small hard stools to constipation. The pressure on your rectal area causes the blood vessels around it to expand and develop uncomfortable lumps called hemorrhoids.

Each time you move your bowels and the pain and discomfort becomes too much for you to bear, it will seem like your hemorrhoids are a never-ending plague. Take heart, however, hemorrhoids don't last long, certainly no longer than a month. For some people, they disappear during a period between a few weeks to a few days. How long do hemorrhoids last will depend on how early treatment is given as soon as you discover their existence.

Seeing a doctor and getting medical treatment for your hemorrhoids, or caring for them yourself using home remedies, herbal care, or dietary changes can bring about immediate relief and elimination of this painful swelling condition. If they are at an advanced stage, you can also opt for banding, surgery, or laser removal of these swollen blood vessels.

Ignoring the problem will only prolong your discomfort and agony, and will increase the risk of your hemorrhoids developing into something even more serious that might require more stringent medical measures to cure.