Hemorrhoids Natural Cure For Significant Relief

Having hemorrhoids removed surgically seems like a sound solution for many sufferers. After using topical creams which only provides temporary relief, it is more desirable to get rid of them once and for all. However, as simple as it sounds, surgery can be agonizingly painful for weeks after the procedure. The worse fact remains that surgery is not a permanent solution as hemorrhoids can return in the future.


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For less severe hemorrhoids, many people like to go for hemorrhoids natural cure. This article looks into some common and not so common hemorrhoids natural cure which have been used by many with certain success. The success factor depends very much on the severity of your hemorrhoids condition. Since these are natural and herbal remedies, it usually takes a longer time to see the results. And do consult your doctor before using any of these natural cure.

  • Improve posture and muscle tone by reducing regional pressure. In more serious conditions, one may need to undergo a professional phychophysical reeducation such as using the Alexander technique. This technique teaches the ability to make new choices based on established habitual patterns by studying the kinesthetic evidence of how thinking is expressed in movement, such as structural anatomy and how new habits can be formed and refined.

  • Pure aloe vera juice is effective in relieving itching and swelling. It is known that the sap from aloe vera can reduce pain and inflammation. Aloe vera juice is used for treating ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Although not commonly used, virgin olive oil is know to bring some relief when applied topically. Olive oil has mild laxative properties and thus it can be effectively used as stool softener.

  • Drink chamomile tea several times a day. Chamomile contain flavonoids and has been traditionally used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Some people has experienced some relief after taking chamomile tea.

  • Try applying natural astringents and soothing agents topically. Witch hazel is a strong anti-oxidant and astringent which is commonly used to relieve swelling, itching, and sores. Other great natural soothing agents include aloe vera and raw honey. Some has reported good results in combining internal and external remedies such as using witch hazel suppositories and drinking frequent cups of strong chamomile tea.

  • Homeopathic experts recommends several types of natural herbs, such as Butcher's broom and horse chestnut, are particularly effective in treating hemorrhoids. These herbs should be used in the right amount and blend to get optimum results. The article "Herbal Cure for Bleeding Hemorrhoids" elaborates more on various types of herbs which are used to effectively treat hemorrhoids.