You Can Turn Your Home into a Hemorrhoid Relief Center

When you are afflicted by hemorrhoids, the first hemorrhoid relief center you need can be found in the comforts of your own home. Some people may be embarrassed by this condition to see their doctor or go to the drugstore to purchase over-the-counter hemorrhoid medications. Before doing any of these, you can turn your home into an instant hemorrhoid relief center and get rid of the pain and discomfort of your condition.


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Try filling a tub with warm water and add baking soda. This home remedy is effective in relieving your hemorrhoid discomfort. You can also try some witch hazel on a cotton ball rubbed on the affected area to give you immediate relief. An even better remedy is placing the witch hazel-soaked cotton ball in the fridge then applying it on your hemorrhoids. The relief you feel will be instant and heaven-sent.

Another popular hemorrhoid home remedy involves taking Cider vinegar regularly to relieve hemorrhoids from within. Applying alum powder to the rectal or anal area also eases the hemorrhoid by cooling it. Other people swear by a mixture of petroleum jelly and sulfur.

You can take a vitamin E gel or capsule, break it open, and apply it topically twice a day. It can effectively treat your hemorrhoid swelling in the long term. While moving your bowels, lift your feet up on a stool to lessen the discomfort caused by hard bowel movement or constipation.

Other remedies that you can try involve herbs like horse chestnut, aloe vera, lupin, rue, butcher's broom and bayberry. All of these remedies are known to relieve hemorrhoid pain. Extracts from the Japanese pagoda tree and yarrow tree can also ease symptoms of this condition.