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  is a natural herbal supplement for your hemorrhoids symptom management.
Avatrol contains proven natural herbs to promote circulatory and gastrointestinal health as well as decrease the chances of constipation.

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Product Details

It is a common belief that hemorrhoids are due to deficiency of certain minerals. Avatrol addresses this deficiency as well as relieves the symptoms such as swelling and pain.
Avatrol treats both internal and external hemorrhoids by addressing its source, not only its symptoms. It can be used alongside other hemorrhoids treatments or as a preventive measure.
Some of the main ingredients include:
*Horse Chestnut - helps to improve circulation and heal damaged tissue
*Arginine - used to relax muscles
*Oat Straw - reduces irritation of the digestive tract
*Casara Sagrada -a natural laxative
*Bilberry - repairs damaged tissue
*Butchers Broom - strengthens tissue
*Mullein - reduces swelling



100% natural
Taken orally, no messy creams and inserts
No known side effects or drug interactions
Fast relief for reducing swelling and pain
180-day money back guarantee

Price :

1 Month Supply - $45.95

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Actual User Feedback

Avatrol review data is collected from actual customers.

I am very very impressed with product AVATROL... I took 2 bottles (just in case) and each one has 14 pills for 14 days. After only 7 days now and after 13 years of constantly having hemmoroids, they are GONE.
Actual user feedback from Curezone.com

I ordered it and really liked it too. I must admit that about a month later I am having another outbreak, but it is much milder. I still need to work on diet and want to do another cleanse, but would order Avatrol again.
Actual user feedback from Curezone.com

I was on the Avatrol for about 2 months with no results. (I actually sent the product back.)
Actual user feedback from AlternativeMedicine Forums

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